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Indian visa services have been discontinued until further notice. Foreign nationals required to visit India for compelling reasons may contact the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate.

Visa Application

As directed by the Embassy of India in Washington DC, please note the following:
  • Editing of applicant's personal information will NOT be allowed after your application is physically received at the CKGS Visa Application Center.
  • The application will be REJECTED on technical grounds if there is a variance of information from your passport.
  • The rejected application will be returned and you will have to redo the entire process.

Please Note:
  • All data mentioned in the applicant's US / Foreign Passport must be the same in the Government Online Application Form and the applicant will be solely responsible for the same. The applicant must ensure that the data is validated correctly before sending their application to CKGS Center. CKGS will not undertake any 'Edits' in the applications.
  • Information on the Government Online Passport Application form, your existing US / Foreign Passport and all supplementary forms must be identical.
  • In the Additional Particulars Form you must ensure that your details are exactly identical to the details in your recent US / Foreign Passport & the Government Online Application form, unless there is a change required.
  • To change your personal details, you must select the appropriate options under Miscellaneous Services.
  • In this case the CKGS Service fee, convenience fee and any shipping fee purchased through CKGS will be non-refundable (which will be used to ship back the application to the applicant).

Please Note
ANY MISTAKE on the Visa form, will lead to REJECTION of your Visa Application. Click here to view Visa Sample form.

Common Mistakes for REJECTION

  • First Name / Given Names should be as per your most recent passport. It should include middle name if any. (This is the most coompn cause of rejection.)
  • Gender should be correct.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Place of Birth.
  • Passport no.
  • Date of Issue of Passport.
  • Date of Expiry of Passport.

Applicants are requested to ensure details on the Government form must be exactly as in the Passport or else the application will be rejected.

Visa Application - Get Started

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Types of Visa

  • Emergency Service

    An 'Emergency Service' on a VISA is available only for US passport holders of Indian Origin.
    Non US Passport holders are not permitted to apply.

    Emergency Service on a VISA can be availed in case of the following Emergencies:

    • Medical emergency
    • Unfortunate incident of loss of life
    • To attend to legal matters concerning self
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  • Business Visa

    A 'BUSINESS VISA' is available for travelling to India for the purpose of business meetings with companies in India, meetings, sales or exhibiting on behalf of a company outside of India.

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  • Tourist Visa

    A 'TOURIST VISA' is issued to foreign nationals for traveling to India for tourist purposes such as recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc.

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  • Entry Visa

    An Entry Visa to India is available in the following cases:

    • If you are a PERSON OF INDIAN ORIGIN
    • If you are a spouse or a child of a person of Indian origin
    • If your purpose of visit to India does NOT match any other type of visa.

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  • Employment Visa

    An 'EMPLOYMENT VISA' is available for travelling to India for the purpose of working in India, for an organization registered in India. An Employment Visa is granted to an employee or paid intern of an Indian company and to persons traveling to India for volunteer work with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

    Spouse and Dependent family members accompanying the applicant MUST apply for an 'Employment Visa' (NOT Tourist Visa or Entry visa), co-terminus with the period of the principal visa holder.

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  • Student Visa

    A 'STUDENT VISA' is available for bona fide students who wish to pursue regular studies in recognized educational institutions in India.

    Spouse and Dependent family members accompanying the applicant MUST apply for an 'Student Visa' (NOT Tourist Visa or Entry visa).

    Its termination date will coincide with the period of the principal visa holder.

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  • Conference Visa

    A 'CONFERENCE VISA' is issued for attending International Conferences, Seminars or Workshops on certain subjects in India.

    • If your Spouse is registered to attend the conference along with you, then she/he must also apply for a Conference Visa.
    • If your Spouse is NOT attending the conference, she/he must apply for a Tourist Visa.
    • If your Minor children are accompanying you on your visit to India, they must apply for a Tourist Visa.
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  • Visitor Visa

    A 'VISITOR VISA' is issued to Pakistan Passport Holders who have not renounced their Pakistan Citizenship and wish to travel to India.

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  • Film VISA

    A 'Film VISA' is granted to individuals coming for shooting purposes. This includes undertaking feature film shooting, television or reality show, serials and Cinema shooting

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  • Journalist Visa

    A 'JOURNALIST VISA' will be granted to:

    • Cameraman
    • Journalist
    • Media Person
    • News Broadcaster
    • Press
    • Publisher
    • Reporter
    • TV Producer
    • Writer
    • Columnist, cartoonist/editor
    • Photographer
    • Film producer or director (other than commercial films)
    • A representative of a radio or television organization
    • Travel writer
    • Travel promotion photographer

    Any professional journalist/owner working for an association or a company engaged in the production or broadcast of audio visual news or current affairs programmes through the print, electronic or any other electronic form or any other mode of mass communication.

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  • Medical Visa - For patients

    A 'MEDICAL VISA' is issued for medical treatment in reputed / recognized hospitals / treatment centers in India.

    Up to 2 attendants who are blood relatives of the patient are allowed to accompany the patient for treatment in India on a Medical Attendant Visa, which has the same validity as the Medical Visa of the patient.

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  • Missionary Visa

    A 'MISSIONARY VISA' is issued to persons coming to India for religious purposes or to join a foreign Missionary organization in India approved by Government of India, not involving proselytization.

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  • Transit Visa

    A 'TRANSIT VISA' is issued to enable a person to travel through India to reach his / her ultimate destination.

    You need to apply for a 'Transit Visa' if you are going to change from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal of any Indian Airport or if you are going to stay in an airport hotel even for a few hours.

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  • Mountaineering Visa

    Mountaineering VISA is given to foreigners who intend to visit Indian Himalayan mountain ranges and peaks which fall under restricted areas.

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