IMPORTANT NOTE: Indian Embassy, Consulates, CKGS Visa Application Centers and Contact Center will remain closed on Thursday, July 04, 2019 on account of American Independence Day.

Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card

OCI in Lieu of PIO
All PIO cards are valid until September 30, 2019. After September 30, 2019, handwritten PIO cards will be considered as Invalid travel documents according to the ICAO guidelines. Therefore, all applicants, who have not yet converted their PIO cards to OCI card, are requested to apply for OCI in lieu of PIO. Click Here to view copy of press release on PIO.

If you wish to apply for OCI card in Lieu of PIO card, you may visit the following links:

How To Apply
OCI Application – Get Started
Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the OCI section on our website for more info.