Third party applications:

IMPORTANT - Government of India has revised the Visa fees for TOURIST and BUSINESS visas for U.S. nationals, effective from June 18, 2018

From June 18, 2018, US$160.00 will be charged for Tourist and Business Visas for U.S. nationals, irrespective the duration of the visa and number of entries.

Visa fees in respect of all other categories, except Tourist and Business Visas for U.S. nationals remain unchanged

Third parties should keep their customers notified about the above mentioned notice.

For any applications for which payments are made by Money Order or deposited in CKGS on or after June 18, 2018, fees will be charged at the new rates, even if the form was filled up online earlier.

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Important Note

  1. I have read, understood and accept the Disclaimer, Declaration & Undertaking, Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy of CKGS.

  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR HOUSTON JURISDICTION All 3rd party agencies who are registered with CKGS on behalf of the Consulate hereby confirm that they are dealing directly with applicants and not on behalf of any other 3rd party agencies.
  3. CKGS has been instructed to suspend accepting applications from such defaulting 3rd party agencies and report this information to the Houston Consulate. Any reinstating of access to the module to the defaulting 3rd party agency and acceptance of applications by CKGS will be dependent on the discretion of the Houston Consulate.
  4. The Third Party will ensure that the Applicant's contact details - email, telephone and mobile numbers, current and permanent addresses filled in the Government Visa Application form (IVRFT) are reachable and contactable.
    Do not substitute the applicant contact details with Third Party contact details.
  5. The onus of data accuracy of an application is on the Third Party submitting the application. CKGS will not be liable for any delays due to incorrectness of data.
  6. CKGS normally communicates with the Applicants / Third Party. The responsibility of CKGS ends the moment it has made such communication to the Applicant / Third Party.
  7. All communication to the Third Party will be directed to the contact details as defined in the registration form on CKGS Third Party Module.
  8. Applications that have Incomplete / Incorrect / Missing Documents will be returned. Processing will only start once fully completed application has been submitted by the Third Party.
  9. No requests to expedite applications will be accepted. Any Applicants for emergency Visas have to deal directly with CKGS.
  10. PRC Applicants cannot submit through an Agency. They have to submit directly through CKGS.
  11. The Agency is advised to confirm the travel arrangements for the Applicants only after obtaining the visa.