As directed by the Embassy of India in Washington DC, please note the following:
  • While applying for a visa to India from the USA, there are a number of procedures that need to be met. While dependent on the nature of your visit, an Indian visa requirement, for the most part, will include essentials including a completed application form that can be submitted online.
  • In addition, a visa for India from the USA will require current photographs of the traveller and relevant documents.
  • In order to successfully complete the requirements for the same, it is essential that travellers identify the jurisdiction area that they fall under, as well as the closest service center in which to submit their Indian visa application forms.
  • Once these steps have been followed, travellers can also track the progress of their application forms while planning for additional travel requirements. Please refer to the steps given below for a detailed understanding on how to apply for an Indian visa from the USA.

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(Were you or your parent/s or your grandparent/s or your great grandparent/s ever Citizen of Pakistan)