IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, our call center is not operational till further notice. In case of any urgent assistance required, please write to us at Alternatively you can also send across your queries through our feedback page - and specify your jurisdiction along with the web reference number (if applicable).
Indian visa services have been discontinued until further notice. Foreign nationals required to visit India for compelling reasons may contact the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate.

Abandonment Policy

If the Applicant has already enclosed his / her own prepaid envelope or paid for a return courier, the ‘Abandoned Application’ will be returned to the current address stated on the label and the Applicant will only be refunded the Category fees and the ICWF fees. In case the application has already been submitted by CKGS to the Embassy / Consulates, then there will be no refund at all. If the Applicant has not enclosed his / her own prepaid envelope, CKGS will return by Shipment, the ‘Abandoned Application’ to the current address of the Applicant and will refund the fees after deducting the CKGS service charges, Value Added Service (if applicable) and shipping charges. If there is no amount available, then CKGS will consider this application ‘Abandoned’ and it will be handed over to the Indian Embassy / Consulates of the Applicant’s Jurisdiction at the Applicant’s own cost, risk and consequences.The Embassy/ Consulate may charge an additional fee of $23.00 per document during collection.

If the Applicant wishes to re-apply, the Applicant will have to re-process the full application as a NEW complete application, including all applicable payments.