IMPORTANT NOTE: Indian Embassy / Consulates, CKGS VISA Application Centers and Contact Center shall remain CLOSED on Monday, September 5, 2016 on account of Labour Day.


While applying for a visa to India from the USA, there are a number of procedures that need to be met. While dependent on the nature of your visit, an Indian visa requirement, for the most part, will include essentials including a completed application form, that can be submitted online or offline. In addition, a visa for India from the USA will require current photographs of the traveller and relevant documents.

In order to successfully complete the requirements for the same, it is essential that travellers identify the jurisdiction area that they fall under, as well as the closest service center in which to submit their Indian visa application forms. Once these steps have been followed, travellers can also track the progress of their application forms while planning for additional travel requirements. Please refer to the steps given below for a detailed understanding on how to apply for an Indian visa from the USA.

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Types of Visa

  • Business Visa - for business
    meetings with companies in India, meetings, sales or exhibiting on behalf of a company outside India.
  • Transfer Tourist Visa
    the remaining duration of valid visa to a new passport.
  • Employment Visa - for US Nationals
    who are to be employed in India i.e. on contracts, training, skilled services as consultants, installation, commissioning, projects, etc.
  • Medical Visa - for patients
    for treatment in reputed / recognized hospitals / treatment centres in India.
  • Medical Attendant Visa - for attendants
    who are blood relatives of the patient and to accompany the patient for treatment in India.
  • Medical Visa - for Surrogacy
    Vide Government of India guidelines dated:03.11.2015, the foreign nationals including OCI/PIO card holders are not allowed to commission surrogacy in India.
  • Missionary Visa
    is issued to persons coming to India to join a foreign Missionary organization in India approved by Government of India, not involving proselytization.
  • Transit Visa
    India to reach his / her ultimate destination.
  • Transfer Business Visa
    transferring the remaining duration of valid visa to a new passport.
  • Emergency Service Visa
    US Passport holder of Indian Origin on
    • Medical Grounds - Unfortunate incidents of loss of life, accident or serious illness of parents, children and nearest relatives
    • Legal Commitment - To attend to your legal matters in India.
  • Entry Visa
    • a Person of Indian Origin
    • a Spouse or a child of a Person of Indian Origin
    • Dependant family members of EMPLOYMENT VISA or RESEARCH VISA holders
    • If purpose of visit to India does not match any other type of visa.
  • Transfer of Entry Visa
    Transferring the remaining duration of valid visa to a new passport.
  • Visitor Visa - to travel to India
    for Pakistan Passport Holders who have not renounced their Pakistan Citizenship.
  • Tourist Visa - for tourist
    purposes i.e. recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives etc.
  • Conference Visa - for attendance
    at International Conferences, Seminars or Workshops.
  • Journalist Visa - for Professional

    Journalists and photographers for up to three months stay in India.

    JOURNALIST VISA – ALL foreign Journalists, regardless of whether they are travelling for Tourism OR Work, have to apply for a 'J' (Journalist) Visa.

    JOURNALIST VISA - for DOCUMENTARY FILMING for crew member who are cleared by Embassy / Consulate & receipt of No Objection and customs permit.

    BUSINESS VISA - for those crew members cleared by I&B Ministry to produce feature films, reality shows, commercial TV serials

    EMPLOYMENT VISA - for Journalists or intern journalists who intend to work in Indian media organizations

  • Student Visa - for bona fide
    students who wish to pursue regular studies in recognized educational institutions in India.