IMPORTANT NOTE: CKGS Houston and San Francisco VISA Application Centers shall remain CLOSED on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 on account of Buddha Purnima.

Value Added Services for VISA / OCI / Renunciation Services

Sr. No Name of VAS Price
1a Photocopying – B/W (per page) US$ 1
1b Photocopying – Colour (per page) US$ 1.50
2a Photographs (4 photographs) US$ 7.99 
2b Each additional photograph 30 cents 
3a Printing -  B/W (per page) 10 cents
3b Printing -  Colour (per page) US$ 1.50
4a Domestic Courier service
(per package, one way)
(FedEx Standard Overnight)
US$ 15
4b International Courier service
(per package, one way)
(FedEx International Priority Overnight)
  • Washington to Bermuda
  • Atlanta to Puerto Rico
  • San Francisco to Guam
  • San Francisco to Virgin Islands
$ 50